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Love Parks Week is back, taking place from 29 July to 5 August, giving people across the country the chance to shout about their wonderful green spaces.

Whether it’s walking the dog, picnicking with friends, or pushing our little ones on a playground swing, our parks give our communities, our children, and our pets a vital space to play, grow, and bond.

Love Parks Week is set up by Keep Britain Tidy to celebrate and support the efforts of volunteers and workers up and down the country to maintain and protect our green spaces.

We love our local Armley Park so this week on our blog, we thought we’d share and celebrate it with you!


Bordering Gotts Park, Armley park is two miles west of Leeds city centre and is around 34 acres of grass and woodland. It is located alongside Stanningley Road in Armley, just outside of Leeds city centre. It’s the perfect place for a relaxing day out. The park gives local residents and visitors amazing views over Kirkstall Valley.

Things to Do

Armley park has football pitches, a bowls pavilion, tennis courts, a cricket wicket, summer and winter bowling greens and a skate park if you are wanting to keep fit whilst enjoying some outdoor activities. There is also a small playground for the little ones to play on.

Have a Picnic

So its a gloriously sunny day, and you are looking to make the most of it. Armley Park is a great place to lay down the blanket and enjoy a picnic on the open grass. There is a car park at the top of the hill by the Golf Club, which means the walk when carrying the food is all down hill! Sit and enjoy the view.

Fancy a Run?

Armley Park has an attraction affectionally known as ‘The Killer Steps‘. 161 Victorian steps tucked away at the back of Armley Park. The perfect place for a work out if you are looking for a place to run near you.

Although only a distance of 0.08km, these steps can provide a real sweat! This 161 step challenge pushes you to feel the burn. Usually a place where run groups visited on a Saturday, but during the week – a peaceful escape from the world.

The steps rise up to the back of Armley park. The bottom of the steps lead down to the Leeds Liverpool canal, and a gentle walk through a dense wooded area. Quiet woodland walks in the inner city.

The best postcode to get to Armley Steps is LS12 2QX, this will take you to the Gotts Park car park. Then is is only a short walk to the steps.

Why Stairs?

There are a number of health benefits to training on stairs as opposed to walking or running.

  • Especially good for toning your bum, thighs and core
  • An intense session will give more aerobic benefits. 30 minutes of stair running will burn around 500 calories.
  • Burns twice the amount of fat than a normal run, and three times that walking.
  • It is low impact and safe for the knees.
  • Helps improve bone strength

Due to the nature of the exercise, you do not need to travel far. If you need to call it a day, you are still at the stairs, where you started!

For more details, Leeds Run Routes has directions, as well as a number of other running routes!

Looking for a Run Group

There are also plenty of running groups to choose from. The Leeds Girls Can a women’s only running group held on Thursdays hosts couch to 5K sessions. There is the Stair Running group on a Sunday afternoon a 5K Parkrun that occurs every Saturday.

Nearby Activities

Within a couple of minutes drive you will also find the Leeds Industrial MuseumThe Climbing Lab and Armley Leisure CentreCardigan Fields is also a short drive away and has a cinema, bowling, Lazer Zone, and a wide range of food outlets.


There are a couple several options for parking at Armley Park. All are free.

The closest one is The Gotts Park car park just off Armley Ridge Road. If you want to start your visit from the top of the hill, this is the car park to pick. The postcode is LS12 2QX (Google Map link).

The next option is roadside parking along Redcote Lane and means you will have a short walk before you arrive at Armley Park. The postcode is LS42AW (Google Map link).

If both of these options are not for you, there is a large amount of on street parking on side roads off from Stanningley Road. This option gets you closer to the park than the other options, but mean you will need to find a space outside someone’s house. Google Map link for Stanningley Road.

How to Get To Armley Park

Google Map Directions

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