Helpful Hardisty – Top tips to sell quickly

When you’re thinking of selling, there are usually many factors that are influencing your decision to sell. It might be that you need to upsize, or downsize, relocate or need to sell an investment. What most house sales have in common however, are that most homeowners want to sell quickly to they can move onto the next chapter in their life. If you’re keen to sell quickly, here are our top tips to help you get on the move as quickly as possible.


Avoid online agents

Yes, as much as  you’d expect us to say this being a ‘High Street’ Estate Agent, we have our reasons! Online agents offer a broad and cheaper service but most online agents simply list your property and don’t actively sell it. Many will also take payment upfront rather than on a ‘no sale, no fee’ basis and therefore have little incentive to try to sell your home as they have already been paid for the job. According to recent data, online agents only sell 1 in 2 of the homes they take on, which can often then delay the process in the interest of saving costs.


Choose the best agent for you

Take your time to choose wisely based on industry experience and success with similar homes. You’d perhaps want to go with a local agent in your area that has expertise in selling your type of property over one based further afield who might not know the area or be familiar with your property type e.g. an agricultural working farm being sold by an inner city agent.


Negotiate on exclusivity

Many of our competitors offer great rates but it also comes with an added cost – you may be tied into a contract for up to 20 weeks which can be very frustrating if you see no viewings being booked. Opt for an agent that gives you the flexibility and freedom to switch agents if you’re not getting the results you need. We don’t tie you in to any lengthy contracts, simply give us 14 days notice anytime if you’re not confident we’re the right fit for you.


Go ‘Multi-agency’

Agents aren’t always keen on this option but if you’re keen to sell quickly and seem to be struggling this might be an option to discuss. With more parties involved your potential audience and scope is extended. There may be additional terms to be aware of if you choose to go down this route, so be sure to ask all agents involved how the process will work when either finds a buyer for you and the fees involved.


Realistic asking price

Everyone, you and your agent, want to achieve the highest price possible for your property but your house is only worth what someone wants to pay. Our agents will guide you based on what the current market dictates and what similar homes have sold for recently in your area. By ignoring these signs, you may delay the process of selling your home.


Not all offers are equal

Have you received multiple offers but unsure which offer is best? If you’re looking to selling quickly, it may not be all the price. What is the background of the buyer? Are they a first time buyer? A cash buyer? Or do they have property to sell and therefore in a ‘chain’? All of these scenarios will affect the timeliness of completion. If selling quickly is more important, it might be better to consider a lower offer in value from someone who has the funds in place for a quicker sale.


Home presentation

During the longer, darker nights and winter months your property might not be looking its best. Now the Christmas decorations are down and the new year has begun, perhaps it is time for a declutter? If you’ve made any improvements to your home since going onto the market or had an overhaul and it looks visually different to the photos you’d first had taken then it might be time for a fresh set of photos to entice potential buyers to view the property in person. Try to arrange any new external photos on a dry and sunny day and arrange for new photos to be taken again if Christmas decorations were in the way when you came onto the market.


Prepare paperwork in advance

Exchange and completion in two months or less is possible if all parties involved push hard for a quick sale, but the odds are stacked against you, with the national average at present around 6 months from agreeing a sale through to completion. If you want a quick sale, you must be proactive. Before you find a buyer however you can get a couple of steps ahead by instructing your solicitors, so they are prepared for when you find a buyer. You will also need to fill out a Property Information Form (TA6) which details boundaries, building work and neighbour related disputes, and also a Fittings and Contents form (TA10). You could also commission a local authority search in advance as this can take weeks to complete and no buyer will exchange without one being carried out and dig out your property’s title deeds!


Keep in touch

Any good High Street Agent worth their salt will help you with your sales progression once a buyer is found. This in short means that they will aid the process by chasing up solicitors and keeping you informed on how everything is going. There is no harm for you to also take a pro-active role in the sales progression if you’re keen to get results. Keep calling, emailing and encouraging all parties, from your agent to your solicitor, to keep up momentum. They are working for you so keep an eye to ensure they’re pushing until the ink is dry!




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