How to market your house correctly for a speedy, seasonal sale

The property market has continued to experience remarkable levels of activity this autumn.
If you, like a lot of homeowners right now, are considering putting your property on the market, here are some of the ways to market your house well to potential buyers.

Make sure your property images are professional

In order to get viewings, you need to reel them in with your property advert.
Make sure your photos are clear and focused. Most estate agents will have an in-house photographer who will take your photos and edit them for you, having a professional do this for you definitely makes a difference!
Be sure to have photos taken before any seasonal decorations go up. Decorations such as Christmas Trees will date your listing and may put buyers off.

Increase your kerb appeal

It takes just seven seconds for somebody to make their first impression of your property, so make sure your property’s exterior is the best it can be. You want them to walk down the drive feeling impressed and excited to go inside.
Some easy ways to do this is to give your front door or fencing a fresh lick of paint, put up some winter hanging baskets to add colour, pull out any weeds, move the bins out of sight and make sure the lawn is mowed.


The hallway is famous for housing plenty of clutter: shoes, coats, handbags. Make sure everything that can be put away is tucked out of sight to make it appear more spacious.
As some hallways can be dark and narrow, adding a mirror to a wall can give the illusion of space and can also brighten it up.
A kitchen is a big selling point, so make sure all desktops are wiped down and free of clutter.

Give your viewers space

Let your viewers freely wander around your home with the agent.
This will make them feel much more comfortable asking questions and it also means they might take their time in each room.
Be ready to answer any questions after the viewing. Also be sure to leave hand sanitiser dotted around your property, so not only you but also your viewers will feel comfortable.

Make the most of outdoor space

Since lockdown, we have noticed a real shift in property priorities.
Everybody is putting outdoor space at the top of their agendas, so make sure your garden is well showcased.
If this is an impromptu house viewing, you might not have time to lay a new flower bed, but make sure the lawn is freshly mown, trees and shrubs are cut back to create more space, weeds and fallen leaves are removed, and outside furniture is laid out nicely.

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