Do I need a smart meter in my home?

As we head into the winter months, the central heating will start to kick in to keep your home warm and cosy and one of the newest devices linked to your energy spending is the smart meter. However, do you have to install a smart meter into your home?
The short answer is no, you are not obliged to fit a smart meter into your home, no matter what your energy supplier is telling you and, in some cases, it is simply not possible to install one. Without a smart meter, you will continue on with your energy tariff, sending meter readings to your supplier as and when they request them.
By refusing a smart meter, however, you may be missing the opportunity to save money on your energy bills as the smart meter sends daily meter readings to your supplier, allowing them to bill you much more accurately and offer you the most appropriate tariff to suit your consumption needs.
Additionally, the costs of maintaining traditional meters are likely to increase, and the likelihood is that these costs will be passed onto you as the consumer.
“Once you get to the point of moving down from 15 per cent to 10 per cent to nine per cent [still using the old meter system] and so forth, the expense of maintaining these relic meters will be very high,” said Lord Duncan of Springbank, Minister for Climate Change.


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