Helpful Hardisty: Help to Buy ISAs

FIRST TIME BUYERS!! Are you currently trying to save for your own home? If so, fancy some FREE cash to put in the savings pot? 🤑

Time is running out to open a Help to Buy ISA – a government run scheme to help First Time Buyers get on the ladder.

Now we know what you’re thinking – how the chuff does this get me some FREE CASH? Well, if you save in a Help to Buy ISA, you’ll receive 25% cashback on your savings from the government! Save up to £12,000 and receive £3000 for FREE as a cash bonus!

Now £12,000 may seem like a lot to save but you have until 2030 to claim your cashback so whether you save £10 a month or £100 a month towards your own home, the time is now to open your Help to Buy ISA as the deadline to open one is in 8 weeks time!

The government will soon be phasing out this scheme but if you open yours before 30th November, you’ll still receive your cash bonus so long as you claim it before 2030.

Most high street lenders offer Help to Buy ISAs, but be sure to do some shopping around to make sure you’re getting the best interest rates so supercharge your savings! 🌩️

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