Helpful Hardisty – Our Top Tips On Moving Home

You have found your new property and are excited to finally have the keys in your hand – now you just need to move your possessions from your old home into the new model. We have put together some top tips to make this process as stress-free as possible.

Choose the right removals firm

It may seem like an easy task, but finding the right removal company to help to transport all of your goods will make all the difference.

Depending on the amount of items that you are moving, and the nature of the items (for example you may need a specialist if you are moving a high-worth object like a piano) you may need multiple firms to help facilitate your move.

Do your due diligence and rely on testimonials, as well as recommendations from your estate agent and, if possible, have a company come and give you a quote based on the items you would like to be transported.

We would also recommend booking as early on as time will allow, as often people will want to move on similar dates, such as school holidays. Click here for a recommendation.

Get planning

Planning for your removal early will help you to deal with any excess moving stress, as you will know that you have everything in hand.

Once you have chosen the right firm, you can get planning – from which rooms to start packing first, to how you are going to pack your items up.

The only way to truly stay on top of things is through using lists – make a list for each room you are packing up and create a timeline also so you have visibility of how much time you have on your hands.

Decide how much material you will need to pack your items in terms of boxes and wrapping to keep items safe – people always underestimate the volume they will require so try to be as generous as possible in your predictions.


Of course, packing the actual items up is the name of the game, but it isn’t just a case of throwing things into boxes – there is a subtle art to packing that will help to keep you organised.

We would recommend starting from the top of the house and moving downwards – pack up what is in your loft according to the frequency with which you use the items and then move through each room methodically.

When packing electricals, pack the cables separately and then bind the wires with masking tape and write on the tape which appliance the cable is for, and with clothes keep them on the hangers and pop a black bag over the top of them using an elastic band to hold the tops of the hangers together.

Create A Fact File

A fact file is such a useful goldmine of information – essentially it is an information document that you put together about your property including details of where the stopcock is for the water, the gas and electricity switches and so on which will help the people moving into your home enormously.

Speak to whomever you are buying your property from and have them create one for you using your own as a template – try to include as much information as possible as this will help you in the long run. Information can include heating systems and how to use, any warranties or guarantees on items in the property, bin collection days, reliable tradesmen you have used, burglar alarm details, paint colours around the house – the list is really endless but it should act as a handbook to the property.

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