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Saving for your new home is tough, and the cost of living isn’t making it any easier.

That’s why we’re giving you our top tips for saving better – and faster.

Donate Or Sell Your Old Clutter

Letting things go can be tough. Some hold sentimental importance, and some you just like the look of, so what do you throw out? It’s simple: if you don’t absolutely need something and it could make you some money, sell it.

There are a lot of online selling platforms, and they’re a great way to make money. Packing and posting sold items may feel like lots of effort just for a few quid, but the numbers can soon add up – and you can put what you make towards the budget for essentials for your new home!

If you don’t have the time for it, however, donating what you don’t need to charity shops is a brilliant way to be rid of unnecessary items and you’ll be giving back to your local community in the process. It also lets you evaluate what you need to buy ahead of the move.

Spend Wiser

If there’s one thing everyone is guilty of, it’s buying things we don’t need. Like the look of something in a store window? Only buy it if you truly need it. Friends invite you out for drinks? Get them round for a couple. Want a takeaway? Look in the fridge – meal prepping is healthier, time-efficient and saves money!

Of course, everyone deserves a treat once in a while, just make sure you stay within budget!

Ask Friends And Family

We all get presents we never touch, so why not start a savings account and ask your friends and family to chip in on special occasions? The amounts don’t have to be large, every little helps. It saves them the trouble of choosing a gift and gives them a warm feeling that they’re helping.

Maximise Your Current Property’s Value

Giving your current home a facelift before contacting agents and bringing it to the market will instantly raise the asking price. When buyers attend viewings, they want to see a property that makes them go ‘wow, this is the place for me’, and buyers don’t back down if they really want a property. In short, first impressions count – you could make thousands if you get it right.

Are you looking buy a property in Yorkshire? Need to sell a property first? Call us today and we’ll help you make new memories in no time!

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