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How to showcase your property using video during lockdown

Is your property on the market and poised for viewings as soon as restricted movement measures have been lifted? With a pinch of creativity and the help of modern technology you may not have to wait as long as you think.

Video viewings

Now that viewings are not permitted under current public health guidance, it is the perfect time for you to experiment with using video footage to show off your property to keep buyers engaged and increase the chance of selling your property sooner rather than later.

Where can I start?

First and foremost, speak with us. We work with an excellent video producer who can film a tour of your property for you or alternatively you could look to film your own.

Property video checklist

To help you shoot the perfect property video here’s a checklist to help you get the most out of your video to market your property.

1. Preparation

Imagine that you’re preparing for an actual face-to-face viewing, your property will be clean, decluttered, and well lit. Make the beds, use fresh linen if possible and open all the curtains and blinds.

Think about each space and how it looks to potential buyers. Declutter but do not remove everything, you want it to look like a home to help potential buyers picture themselves moving in.

Don’t forget about the outdoor spaces, mow the lawn, arrange the flowerpots, sweep the pathways and neatly arrange any outdoor furniture.

2. Plan your route

From a health and safety point of view this makes sense, plan where you’re going to walk and ensure there’s nothing blocking your path.

From a filming point of view you don’t necessarily need to show every room of the house, you can skip a box room for example, and there’s no need to film every bathroom if you have more than two.

You want to focus on the best parts of your property and by skipping the odd room you will get a bit more time to do that.

3. Concentrate on features

After planning your route to focus on the best spaces in your property, go one further and give time to the strongest features within those spaces:

  • Does your kitchen have an island?
  • Is there a nice view from your kitchen window?
  • How about the bedroom, is there a view there?
  • Do you have a generous sized en-suite?
  • Does the family bathroom have a stylish freestanding bath?

Remember to give time to the outside as well, both front and back. If your property has some serious curb appeal, make sure you get the most out of it. Same goes for the rear of the property, do you have a nice deck? Is it drenched in sunshine at a certain point of the day? Or do you have any interesting plants or trees that will perk the interest of someone looking to move in?

With the restricted movement measures in place, interest in outdoor space has skyrocketed with online house hunters singling out properties with gardens almost double the amount they were before lockdown. Giving a good account of your garden could make a big difference in the interest in your property right now.

4. Get the camera right

These days the camera on your smartphone or tablet are more than capable of capturing high-quality video footage. The added bonus of these devices is that they’re small and easy to manoeuvre.

You may be tempted to pick up something more professional, like a digital SLR camera, but for this purpose it’s really not necessary and the increase in video quality brings with it new challenges around the data size of the files, unless you’re a professional they are usually just too big to send and edit.

Make sure you use the right camera on your phone or tablet, there’s normally a forward facing one for selfies and video calls and a more powerful one on the back of the device – this is the one we want for your property video.

Another important point is to record your video with your camera in landscape, or in other words hold your camera horizontally. This gives your camera the widest angle to fit in as much of the rooms as possible.

Finally, when you are shooting the video try to keep the camera at eye level, hold it out in front of you and aim to keep it at the same height for the whole recording. This will mimic physically walking around your property for the viewer and will also look more professional.

5. Lighting and sound

This is important, especially when conducting a digital viewing. Your house could normally be bright and airy, but a dark video will send alarm bells to potential buyers.

Wait for a nice sunny day before you record your video and before filming turn on all the lights and make sure all the curtains and blinds are open.

Film the outside and inside in separate parts so that your camera automatically adjusts to the light before you hit record. Stepping inside from a bright sunny day even into the lightest property will take the camera by surprise.

Also think about the sound, if there is a road near to the property close the windows facing it. It’s not to hide it, but on a video the sound could easily be exaggerated or misinterpreted.

6. No commentary

Another consideration with the sound is commentary. Our advice is to leave this to your agent as they may want to add a voiceover. Furthermore, if you make a mistake while recording you will have to go back to the start and record all over again.

7. Practice makes perfect

You have tidied up your property, decluttered, made the beds, planned your route, sorted out the ambience and have your camera or tablet ready to go. Don’t just record and hit send, practice first.

Record your videos as you planned and then watch them back. Think about how the video looks, are you walking too fast? Is it too light or too dark? Did you spend enough time in a particular room? Or too much time in another?

Have another try and look back at your video again, have you fixed the issues from before? Try and perfect the video before you send it to your agent.

8. How do you send it?

Get in touch with us for the best way to send across, depending on the size of your video file, you may be able to email it across to us directly or share it via

9. Sales Protocol Toolkit

What next? Your agent now has your video and will be working hard to promote your property to potential customers, is there anything else you can do in the meantime?

Absolutely, yes.

Propertymark have released the Sales Protocol Toolkit that aims to guide you through all the information and paperwork you need to ensure your property is sale ready. Until you have gathered all this information, your property sale will be prone to delays.

On top of this, there is plenty more benefits for using the Sales Protocol Toolkit:

  • It saves both buyer and seller time.
  • This helps your sale go through much more quickly, relieving stress and giving you certainty.
  • Takes away a lot of the problems that so often occur in a property sale.
  • Accelerates the time from acceptance of offer to exchange of contracts, in over 200 sales in 2019 down to an average of 8 weeks.
  • Gives both buyer and seller much more information ‘upfront’ so you enter into the deal with ‘eyes wide open’.
  • Enables your lawyer/conveyancer to address issues and deal with them before they become a problem.
  • Meets National Trading Standards requirements and complies with Consumer Protection Regulations.
  • It works and is proven.


While the stay at home measures are in place it is the perfect time to do the leg work and gather everything you need, so that as soon as movement restrictions are lifted you are ready to go.

You will have already completed a PIQ (Property Information Questionnaire) at the point of instructing us but if you’re thinking about coming on to the market then this toolkit gives you everything you need to know!

If you’d like to discuss your options further and want to get your property ‘market-ready’ then get in touch! We’re offering desktop valuations and online estimates during lockdown so you can get moving as soon as possible.



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