Interior Design Tips for Spring 2021

Looking for interior design inspiration to help make your living space as appealing as possible? We’ve put together some top design tips for spring 2021.

Determine the style

Its important to choose how you want the space to feel, do you prefer busy pattern designs or more neutral block colours?
It’s a great idea to draw from inspiration outside of your home, but remember to dial back on showing too much personality if you’re planning to sell this year!

Make the most of lighting

Lighting should always be planned in your budget, as it can really transform the look and feel of a room.

Use a balanced mix of overhead lighting, task lighting and mood lighting to create the right amount of brightness for the purposes of the space.

Add panelling to walls

Panelling is the latest growing trend in interior design, adding both character and texture to any home.

It’s a great way of make something look more expensive than it is, creating a refined finished look.

Seasonal decoration

Paying attention to detail and adding finishing touches creates interest and character to a room.

As we enter spring and the warmer months, add a vase of flowers to your kitchen or living areas.

Inspired by some of our tips above to have a fresh start this spring?

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