Kids Top 10 Fantastical Property Features

At some point or another we have all thought about our dream home and whilst most of us would be happy with a spacious home with a large garden, it appears from a recent survey that we’re just not being creative enough.

A survey carried out by home developer, Strata, questioned over 2,000 children between the ages of 3 and 11 and found out their most desired features for their home, resulting in some fantastical answers.

So, where do all the kids want to live? Well, it depends on who you ask.

The consensus amongst the girls was that the best place to live would be a fairytale style castle at the top of a hill and surrounded by the ocean. As for the boys, it appears that the popular choice was a multi-coloured LEGO block tree house, which would be a wonderful sight but terrible to walk around in.

From an interior design perspective, walls made from chocolate was, of course, the best option, with water slides instead of stairs also proving popular – making it a bit of a chore getting upstairs but going down should be fun.

Free time is clearly a valuable commodity to the young demographic, as instead of having a home that featured the perfect office to allow them to get productive, the kids would prefer a magic room that completes homework for them.

For the flooring, although they had the options of luxurious carpet or hardwood floor with underfloor heating, the clear choice was trampoline floors, allowing the owners to jump and bounce from one room to the next.

When quizzed on their kitchen needs, the common choice was a sweet shop/ice cream parlour instead of the usual granite countertops, as their dietary requirements appear to be sugar and more sugar.

Property developers may want to keep these points in mind when planning new homes for future generations. If you’re a landlord, then it could be worth considering installing a water slide and chocolate walls over the next 10 years if you really want to beat the competition!

Top 10 dream features for kids:

  1. Magic homework room that does the work for you
  2. Water slide staircase so you never have to walk
  3. Dinosaur park with its very own scientist
  4. Trampoline floors to bounce from room-to-room
  5. House robot
  6. Sausage-llama as a pet
  7. Christmas market all year round
  8. Petting zoo where David Attenborough works
  9. Shark tank
  10. Twelve toilets so no one ever has to queue

Why not ask your little one what their dream property features would be and why? We’d love to hear to their answers over on our Facebook page!


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