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HARDISTY AND CO is one of the area’s leading independent estate agents covering the North/North West of Leeds, Bradford, the Wharfe Valley and Aireborough. The company is family owned and run by the two Directors, Andrew and Ian Hardisty, along with their wives, Tracey and Gemma. The business, whilst re-branding in 2015, has been successfully trading on New Road Side since 1992.

Andrew took over the business in Horsforth in 2001 and has grown the company into a highly successful and well respected estate agency within the local area. Tracey, wife of Andrew, has been practicing as an estate agent for some thirty years now, locally, and has been working in the Horsforth area since 1989. Ian joined forces with Andrew in 2006. Gemma Hardisty is head of HR and looks after their valued team of property professionals.

Personal service, transparency and family values…….


The company’s ethos is based on family values, professionalism, personal service and pro-activity.

HARDISTY AND CO are dedicated to providing a service to their clients which is second to none. We completely understand the importance of a clear and concise line of communication and a personal connection with each individual client. We maintain comprehensive guidance, professional forward thinking marketing advice and support throughout the process of each individual sale or rental. We believe that careful and effective management of property sales and rental is of paramount importance and we offer a transparent, fair and honest service. The HARDISTY AND CO management team has a combined knowledge of the property industry and the local area of over some fifty years and our reputation reflects our success; having already served several generations of clients in our local area, we hope to continue to do so for many more years to come.

Commitment and dedication………


HARDISTY AND CO offer a wide and varied selection of properties in some of the most impressive and affluent suburbs of both Leeds and Bradford. We are fortunate to be able to offer properties from one end of the pricing scale to the other and we stick to a strict work ethic to ensure that we are a pro-active and forward thinking agent guaranteeing optimum exposure to the market for all of our client’s properties. We are continually working hard to provide an extremely personal and tailored service to each individuals needs to be sure that each property remains current and in line with the current market conditions and achieves the highest level of interest and the best price possible.

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