Simple hacks to avoid wear and tear in your rental property

There are steps you can take to protect your rental property from excessive wear and tear (and costs of it) and without ever involving the tenant.

So, if you want to reduce wear and tear, here are four ways to do it:

1. Install more durable flooring

Some floor materials are just more durable than others, so think hard about which ones you put in your properties. Hardwood is beautiful and can help achieve higher rent, but it’s also hard to care for and prone to scratches.

Opt for quality vinyl’s or laminate flooring instead. These are hard wearing and can be easily replaced.

2. Stick to glossy paints

Repainting the walls isn’t just expensive, it’s a hassle. Although spot-correcting is technically an option, too much cover-up could leave potential tenants worried about what lies beneath. So what’s a better option?

Invest in a high-gloss paint from the beginning. These paints are easier to clean than normal ones, and they stand up to smudges and scuffs better too!

3. Install door stoppers

Wall damage due to doorknobs, locks and handles is pretty common, and it can be a real pain to fix and repaint. Fortunately, there’s an incredibly fast and easy fix, stick-on door stoppers.

The easy-to-apply plastic rounds go right on the wall. Place them where the door handle hits, and your wall is protected from nicks and holes for the long haul. The best part? They only cost a few pounds!

4. Add a backsplash

With all the moisture, heat, and food, kitchen walls can take a lot of damage. Areas surrounding the sink and hob are particularly prone to damage.

A smart way to protect these areas is to add a splashback. Material-wise, ceramic tile is a good choice, as it’s durable and easy to clean. There are even peel and stick backsplashes that can also save costs!

We hope you found this useful. For more advice on renting out your property, contact our lettings team today.

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