The best and worst interior trends for 2022

Even though our lives are slowly getting back to normal, the interior trends of 2022 are still heavily influenced by the effects of lockdown – spending more time indoors has made it increasingly important to create a living environment that makes us feel emotionally at ease.

Here are the top three trends of 2022 to help transform your home into your sanctuary, and the top three trends to avoid.

The Best

1. Sustainable and natural materials

Sustainability is becoming more prominent in our everyday lives, so it’s no wonder the trend is creeping into our homes too. Not only is a sustainable interior beneficial for the future of our planet, but its connection to natural materials also helps create a serene and peaceful living environment.

Look for furniture with responsibly sourced materials and vintage or handmade accessories to help you move away from mass-produced, unsustainable products.

2. Inspired by nature

In correlation to a preference for sustainable materials, a nature-inspired home is a top trend in 2022. Spending a lot of time in our homes has generated a desire to create an uplifting, calm and relaxed living environment, which is synonymous with nature.

Using earthy materials such as timber, terracotta and clay, adding shades of green and brown, and accessorising with large plants will help you create your own indoor sanctuary.

3. Leather furniture

The final top trend in 2022 is leather furniture, as retro style makes a comeback. A bold leather sofa in an earthy tone adds a pop of colour to the room whilst reflecting the trend for a nature-inspired home.

The Worst

1. Open plan living

If lockdown has taught us one thing, it’s that separate living spaces are crucial, especially when living with a big family. Whilst it isn’t easy to build walls into an open plan home, compartmentalising the area allows you to create different zones for different activities.

You can achieve this by purchasing room dividers or bookcases to split the space and using various shades of light to alter the ambience in different areas.

2. All white interior

Whilst a white interior is timeless, it can also be boring and bland. In 2022, people are looking to create a more vibrant and inspiring space with a variety of colours and textures. Choose neutral colours such as green and brown to help brighten the space and bring warmth into your home, whilst also following the trend for a natural home.

3. Dried flowers

Bouquets of dried grasses have played a huge part in interior design over recent years, but it’s finally time to say goodbye and hello to an indoor jungle of vibrant house plants. Create your own oasis with a variety of sizes, shapes and textures.

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