Things to consider before putting your home on the market

Deciding to sell your most valuable asset – your home – is an exciting moment. It can also feel a little daunting. However, you can prepare your property for success, even before launching to the market. Have you ticked any of these steps off your list yet?

1. Declutter

The chances are you have collected plenty of unwanted items over the years – from clothes and shoes to defunct mobile phones and old paperwork. By decluttering now, you’ll not only save on moving boxes, but also make your home more appealing to viewers.

2. Spring clean

Once floors, shelves, surfaces, and wardrobes are clear, pull out your furniture to dust and vacuum, hire a carpet cleaner, and make those bathrooms gleam. If you have pets, remove any tell-tale odours or hair from the carpets and sofas.

3. Refresh your décor

Neutral colours may seem boring, but they give viewers a blank canvas to adjust to their taste. As well as this, your home will also appear brighter and bigger. Pops of colour or designer wallpaper on a feature wall can add interest, but less is more. If your design scheme is already on point, just make sure you touch up any tired paintwork.

4. Tackle the to-do list

Leaky taps, cracked walls, chipped tiles, and loose fittings can give your home a neglected appearance. This could leave viewers wondering what other issues they may encounter once they move in. If necessary, hire a professional to complete any lingering projects.

5. Assess the lighting

Poor lighting can make the most charming room appear dark and uninviting. A few well-placed lamps can help – just remember to stock up on lightbulbs too.

6. Prepare for viewings

Help potential buyers imagine themselves in your home by paring back on personal items such as family photos, magazines, and toys. Get ready to stage your home too – think crisp prop towels for the bathroom, new linen and cushions for the bedrooms, and fresh flowers or houseplants.

7. Boost kerb appeal

We all know that first impressions count. If you have a front garden or drive, make sure it’s clear of debris and freshly weeded or mowed. Attend to any broken or missing roof tiles and damaged guttering, and think about cleaning windows and repainting the exterior.

8. Consider storage options

If you have a lot of furniture or treasured belongings, why not put some into storage? This will help you clear the decks and get your home ready for staging and viewings. It could also come in handy when you move.

9. Research potential estate agents

Now that you have given your home some TLC, it’s time to shortlist a few local estate agents. Pay attention to the marketing the agent provides for their current listings and follow your gut. While the big names may tempt you, don’t rule out smaller independents who may offer a more personal service.

10. Get your home valued

Before you make your final decision, it’s a good idea to invite a handful of agents to value your home in person. This is your chance to find an achievable price point for your property and get a feel for the people who will be representing it.

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