Transform your bedroom with these headboard ideas

Are you looking for effective and inexpensive ways to transform your bedroom?

Over the last year, a lot of thought has been given to our ‘working from home’ and garden zones, but with the change in weather and Christmas holidays not far off, have you considered making your bedroom cosier for the long nights and dark mornings ahead?

Having the right design in your bedroom can instantly lift your mood when waking up to dark skies.

According to interior designers, one key focal point you should pay heed to is the headboard, which has the potential to alter your room’s energy.

Here are some stunning headboard ideas to inspire you:

Photo Credit: Dazeywood Penthouse

Camouflaged painted headboard

Blending your headboard into your walls is a unique idea, using materials like chalk paint to produce a satisfying back drop.

Rustic asymmetric headboard

For a striking choice, you could opt for an asymmetric pattern ingrained into the wood.

Combined with soft furnishings, this will create a homey feel and really draw the eye against a plain white wall.

Wavy headboard

If you like thinking outside of the box, why not experiment with shapes?

A wavy design above your bed will create an interesting layer to the room, especially effective with a bold colour choice.

Tiled headboard

If you want something more vintage, tiled headboards can truly give personality to your bedroom. Try foam tiles rather than traditional ceramic tiles for a budget friendly option, which will also be warmer too.

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