What does 2020 have in store for UK investment?

After a whirlwind of year that was 2019, the question on every investor’s lips is ‘What does 2020 have in store for us?’. Now Westminster has a majority government, this gives more certainty and confidence for lenders, borrowers and investors alike to get things moving again this New Year. Our predictions based on extensive research and current trends will give you an overview for what we expect 2020 to hold.


Mortgage rates may rise

Over recent years we have seen historic lows in mortgage rates across the board from lenders, many of which have been fiercely competing with one another to secure their clients. Rates have been highly competitive and it’s only natural that they will soon increase. Many buyers whether purchasing their own homes or an investment property are locking in 5 or 10 year fixed rate deals to bag the best rates now.

Do you know when your fixed rate ends? Do you need to remortgage to get a better deal before these low rates increase? Or are you looking for a new investment? Be sure to shop around for the best deal, just like you do with your car or home insurance.

Our team of independent mortgage and protection advisors have access to lenders across the whole market and offer free advice to point you in the right direct to get the best deals currently on the market. A little known fact about our independent mortgage advisors are that they are often able to get you better deal than going direct to the bank too. Book your free appointment now with no obligation, and secure a low rate mortgage now!


Buy to Let properties are still a good investment

In the right areas, Buy to Let properties are still a solid investment path for many. House prices are currently stable, with our area seeing good growth year-on-year, with prices increasing 1.8% in December 2019 vs December 2018 according to the House Price Index.

Buy to Let landlords who have bought high yield properties for long term investments need not fear market fluctuations, the rules remain the same: Do your homework to ensure you get the best returns; Purchase in areas where there is still room for capital appreciation; Ensure there is a market for your property.


Look to the North

Looking for higher rental yields without spending huge amounts to acquire them? Then look no further south. Our areas in and around Leeds and proven to offer considerably high rental yields compared to London and the South East, along with Manchester, Liverpool and Sheffield. Why not check out our current properties for sale here.

Cheaper, however, is not necessarily better when it comes to buying investment properties – again, do your homework to ensure your property will not struggle to rent or sell. There will no point in buying a property if you cannot sell or rent it out and make the returns you need.


Demand is still high for rentals and that’s unlikely to change soon. 2020 looks to be a great time to enter into property investment or perhaps increase your property portfolio, especially if you are considering long term investment. Our team of financial advisors and experienced agents are on hand to help advise you on the current market and trends we’re seeing in our area. If you’re thinking of acquiring a Buy to Let, we offer a whole host of services to make 2020 the best year yet for you and your investments – our fees and services can be seen on the ‘Landlords’ section of our website or click here.




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