Which type of property produces the best rental yield?

Which type of property produces the best rental yield?

With rents increasing by 1.3% on an annual basis in May, it is clear that there is plenty of room for solid returns in the lettings market. If you are thinking of investing in a rental property, or you are a portfolio landlord looking to increase your selection of properties, then a key factor will be the potential yield that the property could return. Read on to look at our breakdown of properties and potential rental yields, and if you need any further advice then please feel free to contact us.
In terms of rental yields, Houses of Multiple Occupancy (or HMOs) are becoming ever more popular as investment properties and are widely viewed as the future of the rental market. HMOs were in previous years solely a staple of the student lettings market; however, this is now changing, and young professionals are now part of a growing tenant population favouring this rental configuration. For landlords, the mathematics is simple; multiple tenancies operating independently in one property increases rental yield significantly and means that void periods are far less of a problem.
According to the National Landlords Association, average rental yields sit at 6.9% for HMOs, some 1.3% higher than other properties. However, there are other considerations if you are thinking of buying a property with a view to let it out to multiple independent occupants; bedroom sizes must be at least 6.51 square metres and some HMOs will require a license, obtainable from the local council.

Properties in city centres are proving to be extremely popular and demand is rife for centrally located homes on the rental market. With that in mind, purchasing a flat or apartment could prove to be a shrewd move if you are looking to maximise your rental yield potential; with competition amongst renters keeping the prices of well-located properties high and avoiding those dreaded void periods of non-occupancy.

Houses with two bedrooms or more are by far and away the most popular choice amongst renters, whether they are detached, semi-detached or terraced. With the average age of the first-time buyer now at 30, more and more families are renting up until this point, so multiple bedrooms are a must. Appealing to this family and young professional market will help you to achieve your desired rental values and could potentially secure you longer tenancies with tenants willing to sign up to three-year contracts.

Fundamentally, there is no one single property which is guaranteed to give you a specific rental yield. Investing in property remains one of the most stable investment classes, and despite periods of ups and downs, in the long term it is difficult to find a more lucrative venture.


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